Future Earth South Asia Regional Program: 2021-2025

Suggestions from the Governing Council of Future Earth South Asia and the Future Earth Review Committee have been incorporated into the Future Earth Regional Program on “Tackling Food Insecurity, Air Pollution, Water Insecurity and Associated Health Risks in South Asia (FAWH)” and the South Asia Regional Office is developing a Five-year Knowledge to Action Program (2021-2025) to:

Build Partnership

Convene, Coordinate, Communicate, Partner, Synthesize and Engage with Science-Community-Policy stakeholders​ and act as an interface between science and policy with a focus on Policy Briefs and Knowledge Briefs (for society)​.

Develop a Community-driven on-ground Sustainability Pilot Project in South Asia

To encourage the participation of the community,  the Future Earth South Asia Regional Office is currently developing an on-ground community-driven knowledge-to-action program (2020-2025) to help the ongoing small-scale sustainability programs in south Asia scale up their activities.

Establish Country Working Committees on Regional Priorities (FAWH) in the SAARC Region, Myanmar, and two Indian Ocean Island Countries of Mauritius and Maldives

The Regional Office will look into the issues related to Food Security, Water Security, Air Pollution and the associated Health Risks in South Asia (FAWH). The program will focus on 2030 SDG targets and linkages, and on the Paris Agreement’s 2-degree C Climate Targets. Some of the outcomes of this program will include policy briefs and deliberation at various administrative levels, public forums and legislatures in South Asia, in a regional and country-wise approach.

Host and Coordinate MAIRS-FE GRP

The focus of the Regional Project Office (RPO) of Monsoon Asia Integrated Research for Sustainability-Future Earth (MAIRS-FE) will be on Water-Energy-Food Nexus. MAIRS-FE is one of Future Earth’s Global Research Projects (GRP).

​Initiate a Science Communication Forum ​​

The Regional Office will initiate a Science Communication Magazine with:

  • Stories on Best Sustainability Practices​
  • Young Researchers Diary​
  • Science for Society through illustrations and videos in various regional languages
  • Knowledge Briefs​

Initiate a Young Career Training Programme ​​

A Young Career Training Programme with a focus on the Global South will be initiated.

Support Outreach Activities for Workshop and International Sustainability Conference​​s (Hybrid)

  • FAWH Regional + Global Sustainability Congress in 2023​
  • Building a media and online event management team​