Prof. S. K. Satheesh, Chair, Divecha Centre for Climate Change, along with Prof. Anil Kulkarni and Prof. J. Srinivasan, met with Honorary Members of Parliament (MPs) at the Constitution Club in New Delhi on 27 March 2018. This meeting was organized by the Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI), Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Indian Himalayas Climate Adaptation Program and Divecha Centre for Climate Change. The primary purpose of the meeting was to discuss the impact of climate change on the Himalayan glaciers and water security of the Indo-Gangetic plains.

Hon. P.D. Rai, (former) MP from Sikkim outlined the main purpose of the meeting and requested Mr. Rajiv Pratap Rudy, (former) chair of the parliamentary committee on water to make the opening remarks. Mr. Rudy expressed his concerns on the impact of climate change on water resources in India and requested Prof. Anil Kulkarni to make a short presentation on the impact of retreating glaciers on water security. Prof. Kulkarni highlighted the fact that small glaciers were retreating rapidly and hence reducing the water available to mountain communities near these glaciers. Global warming has led to the formation of new glacial lakes which will increase the probability of glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs).

Prof. Srinivasan highlighted the increase in heat waves and extreme rainfall events during the past 60 years. He argued that the local climate in India is influenced by global warming as well as air pollution and urbanization. Prof. Satheesh highlighted how solutions to these problems are being worked on through the newly created Future Earth Regional Office at Divecha Centre for Climate Change.  During the discussion, Mr. Rajiv Pratap Rudy showed how climate change in Nepal has an adverse impact on floods in Bihar. Some members pointed out that the increase in heavy rainfall events and deforestation has led to more landslides in the Himalayas. In his concluding remarks, Hon. P. D. Rai underlined the need for more consultations between scientists and legislators to solve problems posed by climate change.