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Yulia Sugandi

Educator and Researcher, the Homeland Earth Ambassador, Center for Transdisciplinary and Sustainability Sciences, IPB University, Indonesia

Yulia Sugandi is an Anthropologist and Sociologist with advanced research methodologies on social and human sciences and social policies. She has a PhD from the Institute of Ethnology at the University of Muenster, Germany, a MSc from the University of Eastern Finland, and a Bachelor's degree from Gadjah Mada University. Yulia actively promotes socio-ecological justice through her work as a development professional and as a board member of various projects. She combines this with teaching and researching gender justice, social equity and inclusive development, human ecology and climate change. Yulia collaborates with stakeholders to support organic social change and systems transformation. She worked alongside the Minister of Environment and Forestry as part of the editorial team for the Trilogy books and policy brief on Indonesia Facing Climate Change. Throughout her career, she consistently linked scientific research and policymaking. The curriculum module developed by Yulia on equity and social inclusion, known as green empathetic leadership, has been adopted by the National Public Administration. She effectively employs mixed methods in developing relevant and sustainable policies and programs for government agencies and the United Nations. Yulia advocates for ecological reflexivity, resilience thinking, contextual assessment, the decolonization of knowledge, and collective social learning to attain planetary justice.

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