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Sarika Jalan

Indian Institute of Technology Indore India

Sarika Jalan is a Professor in the Discipline of Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology Indore. She obtained her PhD from Physical Research Laboratory Ahmedabad in with a specialization in nonlinear dynamics and complex systems. After the postdoctoral experience at MPI-MiS, MPI-PKS Germany and NUS Singapore joined ITT Indore in 2011. Dr. Jalan has authored over 85 publications in peer-reviewed journals. She has made fundamental contributions in nonlinear dynamics research through her discoveries of novel collective states such as cluster and explosive synchronization of coupled dynamics on networks. These are significant discoveries relating to the structural properties of networks with dynamical properties of coupled nonlinear units on networks. She is Editor of Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, and Advisory Editor of Chaos: An interdisciplinary journal of Nonlinear Science.

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