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Mélisande Teng

Research Assistant

Mélisande Teng is a PhD student in Computer Science at Mila/Université de Montréal and is passionate about using machine learning as a tool to tackle societal and environmental challenges. She is currently working on biodiversity monitoring using satellite images and citizen science data, and on an educational tool to visualize the impacts of climate change. Prior to Mila, she worked in the fields of public health, environment and democracy. She completed a MSc degree in Engineering and Applied Mathematics at Ecole Centrale Paris, a MSc in Management and Social Entrepreneurship at ESSEC Business school, and a Master's degree in Machine Learning at Ecole Normale Supérieure. As part of the Leadership in Environmental and Digital Innovation for Sustainability- LEADs fellowship program, she joins Future Earth/ Sustainability in the Digital Age on the initiative CODES (Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability). She also likes sharing her knowledge through teaching and mentoring, playing music and drawing.