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Laetitia Pfeffer

Intern, Canada Hub

Laetitia Pfeffer is a PhD student in the Sociology doctoral program at Université de Montréal. She holds a dual master’s degree in management and environmental social sciences from Toulouse Business School and the Institute of Political Studies of Toulouse. Her master’s dissertation focused on how representations of the idea of nature and perceptions of environmental crises vary according to socioeconomic status, gender, and the urban or rural nature of where primary socialization took place, and how environmental NGOs’ communication tools to raise awareness on biodiversity loss are received. Her current research explores how intrinsic value is assigned to non-human living beings and how it is expressed among different social groups, linking sociology and environmental ethics. She also has also worked for two years as a project manager for non-profit entities aiming at accelerating ecological and social transitions for organizations and individuals.