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Fortunat Joos

Professor for Physics

Fortunat Joos is Professor for Physics at the University of Bern and interested in the scientific basics of climate change and the carbon cycle. He studied environmental physics at ETH Z├╝rich and graduated from the University of Bern. Research stays followed at the University of Princeton and the National Centre for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, USA. He authored or co-authored more than 150 publications and is recognised as “Highly Cited Researcher” by Thompson Reuters.He leads the group Earth System Modelling: Biogeochemical Cycles. With his team he develops and applies a hierarchy of Earth System Models. He investigates, by combining observational data and models, recent to glacial-interglacial periods for improved projections of greenhouse gas concentrations, ocean acidification and climate change and impacts over the 21st century and beyond.Fortunat Joos has been involved in the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) since the early nineties. He served as Vice Chair of the IPCC Working Group I during the Third Assessment Period and contributed as author, contributing author, and review editor to IPCC Technical Papers, Special Reports, Summary for Policy Makers and Synthesis Reports and to the recent four major Working Group I Assessment Reports. Results of the Bern model are used to compute the legally-binding Global Warming Potentials for different greenhouse gases in the Kyoto Protocol. He also served as Co-chair of the Community Earth System Model Paleoclimate Working Group