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Emanuele Di Lorenzo

Emanuele Di Lorenzo gained his Ph.D. in Climate Sciences at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, USA, in 2003 and is now professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, USA. He is the founding director of the Program in Ocean Science & Engineering (OSE) at Georgia Tech and member of the U.S. CLIVAR Science Steering Committee. Further, Emanuele serves as chairman of the PICES Physical Oceanography and Climate Committee, as co-chair at the U.S. CLIVAR Phenomena, Observations, and Synthesis Panel, and he is vice-chairman of the Science Board of North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES). His research interests are in the field of multi-scale climate and ocean dynamics (large-scale, regional and coastal), climate impacts on marine ecosystems and social-rcological system modeling of coastal ocean systems. In his position as director of OSE, Emanuele has actively pursued partnerships with international NGOs and private industries to establish new training and research programs in the areas of ocean sustainability, ocean technology, marine living resources, coastal ocean systems and ocean and climate.