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Dimitris Stevis

Professor of Political Science, Colorado State University

In broad terms my research examines the social governance of the world political economy in the areas of labor and the environment, with particular attention to social power, justice and local/global dynamics. I am currently involved in a number of projects. One project is Adapting Canadian Work and Workplaces to Climate Change, based at York University (Canada). In that context I am investigating the green transition strategies of U.S. and global labor unions, with particular attention to Just Transition proposals, as well as the implications of proposals from key intergovernmental, policy, and advocacy organizations for work and workers. A related project, in collaboration with colleagues from Sweden and the UK, investigates the environmental politics of labor unions across the world.  A third collaborative project examines the immigration and labor policies of environmentalist organizations. A fourth project, with colleagues from Colorado State University and supported by the School of Global Environmental Sustainability, focuses on Environmental Justice. Finally, I continue to research global labor politics and global framework agreements. 

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