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Clément Brousse

Co-lead, Capacity & Networks

Clement joined the Future Earth hub in Paris as Science Officer in April 2020. He studied at the National Natural History Museum (MNHN) in Paris, France, where he got a Master degree in ecology, biodiversity and environment and did all his internships studying iguana’s behaviour in the French Antilles. After his degree, Clement joined the international affairs office of the MNHN at the time of COP21. Following that, he has been recruited by the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs as Scientific Officer at the French Embassy in Sweden where he stayed 2 years. There, he developed links between French and Swedish research communities. More recently, Clement managed a European marine biology research project for Sorbonne Université, Paris. At Future Earth his missions will be mostly dedicated to oceans (liaison for SOLAS GRP and coordination support to Ocean KAN) and to supporting science policy integration.